About Me

Dr. Marty Martin, a leading authority on behavior change, has dedicated his professional life to guiding individuals and organizations to see the link between sleep, great health, and high performance. Marty’s journey to focus on helping people sleep better began after being in a train derailment caused by a sleep deprived train engineer.

Dr. Marty Martin earned a MSc in Behavioural Sleep Medicine from the University of Glasgow in Scotland. He also completed the Clinical Sleep Educator Certificate Program. To learn more about Marty Martin, visit www.drmartymartin.com.

About 365 Sleep Tips

Dr. Martin was inspired to share with you a unique sleep tip a day for 365 days after watching the movie Julie & Julia.

He said to himself,
“The best way to get folks to sleep enough and sleep better is to keep it simple.
One way to keep it simple is to share one sleep tip a day for the next 365 days.”