Is Your Biological Alarm System Working?

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I felt like a tennis ball being bounced back and forth in a tennis match with 7 not 2 players during one of the more significant, impactful meetings of my life. Nearly 8 years of work came down to a 20-30 minute hearing. If you will remember, I did not sleep well the night before (to be expected for any BIG LIFE EVENT) and so I was not on my A+ game (also to be expected because you need enough quality sleep to be on your A+ game). That evening I was so “wired” due to anxiety, disappointment and a bit of anger that my mind/body would not allow me to sleep at all for nearly the whole night. This was expected bu torture nevertheless. There was nothing to do but to thank the biological reality that when confronted with a real threat that we are hardwired to be alert and vigilant to protect ourselves. So, rather than get frustrated, I was appreciative that biological alarm system was still working as designed.



Sleep Tip #89: A distressing day will keep you up at night. Fight back by normalizing this normal human reaction.

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