Challenge your self defeating thoughts about sleep!

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It is not unusual for individuals who are at risk of insomnia or suffer from insomnia to develop self defeating thoughts such as the ones below:

Unrealistic expectations: I should be able to sleep well every night like a normal person. I shouldn’t have a problem!

Exaggeration: It’s the same every single night, another night of sleepless misery.

Catastrophizing: If I don’t get some sleep, I’ll tank my presentation and jeopardize my job.

Hopelessness: I’m never going to be able to sleep well. It’s out of my control.

Fortune telling: It’s going to take me at least an hour to get to sleep tonight. I just know it.

These thoughts must be challenged. Why? If they persist, then these thoughts will rob you of sleep.

Sleep Tip 336:Challenge your self defeating thoughts about sleep!

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