Five Tips To Stop Hitting the Snooze Button

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Are you one of those folks who tries to wake up but you keep hitting the snooze button? Do some different and follow one of these five tips.

1. Place your alarm somewhere that’s hard to reach.

If you keep your alarm by your bed, you don’t really want to stop hitting snooze. You’re making it far too easy to keep this bad habit alive.

Instead, put your alarm somewhere else that will force you to get up out of bed in order to turn it off. Once you’re up and moving, the likelier you are to stay up and moving.

For best results, place your alarm in another room, so you have to travel far to turn it off.

2. Give yourself a reason to wake up.

Schedule something fun to do early in the morning. Ideally, this is some sort of exercise you can do outside in the sunshine, to further help wake you up. Raise the stakes by only allowing yourself to do this favorite activity if you wake up on time. For example, you can’t keep reading that suspenseful page-turner or see who liked your latest Facebook post, unless you woke up on time.

Would you rather grab a few extra Zs? Change your alarm tone to be a motivating song that makes you want to seize the day.

Similarly, iPhones let you name your alarm so you can see a motivational reminder on the screen when it goes off each morning, such as “Wake up, sunshine!” or “Today is a very important day!” If you followed tip #1 above, consider putting a motivational sign by the resting place for your alarm.

3. Get physical.

clocky alarm clockYou know how alive you feel after a vigorous set of just 10 jumping jacks? Hop out of bed and jump around to the motivating song you set for your alarm in tip #2.

If motivating yourself to get moving proves challenging, your alarm can provide the motivation. The Wake N Shake Alarm clock requires you to physically shake your iPhone in order to get the alarm to stop, and the Clocky alarm clock rolls off your bedside table and wheels around your bedroom, so you have to get up and chase it to turn it off.

4. Add variety.

Schedule different alarm ringtones or songs for various days, so you don’t become immune to the sound of your alarm.

Place multiple alarms in different parts of your home, and change their placement each night. It will be a fun scavenger hunt each morning as you race to turn them all off.

5. Engage your other senses.

When it comes to alarms, you have more than sound at your disposal.

dawn simulator alarm clockLight is a powerful wakefulness device. Many sunrise simulator alarm clocks gradually increase in intensity to mimic the effect of dawn. Your brain reacts to the light and realizes it’s time to wake up.

If you don’t want to spend money on a special alarm clock, set one of your alarms by the window, so you have the chance to open the blinds and let the real sunshine in each morning.

Alternately, let your sense of smell wake you up. Some air diffusers can be scheduled to go off each morning. Just be sure to choose scents that are invigorating, like citrus, rather than sleep-inducing.

Or, set your coffee maker to start brewing in sync with your alarm clock each morning. Researchers found that the aroma of coffee has antioxidant effects that both relieved stress and woke up rats that were sleep-deprived.



Sleep Tip #328: Five tips to stop hitting the snooze button.

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