Signs To Tell You You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

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Long before Fitbit and other wearables, our moms knew if we got enough sleep. And they knew if we were getting high quality sleep. Wearables are great too. Don’t solely depend on technology as a sleep tracker. Look for these common signs to let you know if you’re getting enough sleep.

  • You have bags under eyes.
  • Your eyes are red.
  • You are gaining weight especially around the waist.
  • You crave junk food especially after a sleepless night.
  • You’re drinking more coffee or energy drinks than usual.
  • You are feeling sadder than usual yet can’t point to a specific reason

If you are getting enough sleep, well done. If you’re not, then sleep more and see if these is signs gradually decrease or go away completely.

Sleep Tip #195: Signs To Tell You You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

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