Cool Your Brain To Fall Asleep Faster

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In one study, patients with diagnosed insomnia were fitted with a cap that circulated cool water around their head. Guess what happened? They fell asleep faster than the insomnia patients who did not wear the cool water caps. This research finding may not be practical right now because I could not find any product on the market which cools your brain. If you are entrepreneurial, then this may be an opportunity to develop such a product.

What can I do with this research finding? I brainstormed some possible alternatives recognizing that you still should take a warm shower.

  • After taking a warm shower, put a cool handcloth over your forehead.
  • After taking a warm shower, turn down the temperature in your bedroom
  • After taking a warm shower, remove any head garment to keep your hair in place or rollers in place.

Sleep Tip #130: Cool your brain to fall asleep quicker.

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